Under the Business Brokers Network® system, the confidentiality of the business owner and the prospective buyer is strictly maintained. To obtain a detailed business profile of a business listing for review, the prospective buyer must submit a buyer profile form.

Business profiles do not provide the name or location of the business. In order to obtain this information, a personal or corporate financial statement must be presented. When proof of financial competence to meet the down-payment requirement is provided and a Confidentiality Agreement is signed, all relevant information concerning the business is then placed at the disposal of the buyer. This typically includes financial statements, tax returns, equipment lists, discretionary cash flow statements, and other documents that may be applicable.

The confidentiality of the business, business owner, and the buyer are all strictly maintained. Business owners or prospective buyers can visit our contact page to request more information. You may also contact The Grasemann Group, fax 630-736-4704, telephone 630-736-4704, or by mail at the address shown above on the header of this web site. We will also be happy to answer any general questions regarding buying or selling a business. If you are outside of our market area we will provide you with the name, e-mail, and telephone number of the nearest affiliated office.